I’m Scott Byron Warfel, a New York City transplant but an Ohio native. I was raised a country boy, but always had a soft spot for the city. Currently, I just graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) with a BFA in Advertising & Graphic Design, minor in copywriting, and a specialization in cinematic arts. 


My designs are inspired by authenticity. I believe in honest answers, so I solve all my design problems as genuine and transparent as I can.  That is where I discovered most impact through design, whether it is an ad campaign, branding project, or layout design.


"If I can't see it, I don't believe it" pretty much sums up my visual thought process. I mind-map out my thoughts excessively and take my sketchbook entirely way too serious along with my instagram account. To get a visual idea of what I mean just take a little peak into my sketchbook to really see how the gears in my brain turn.

I call myself a doodler because where ever I am, I am drawing on something; Whether it be on my on a napkin. my skin, a loose receipt I found in my coat pocket, or in my sketchbook. I am constantly creating; looking for new ideas, new skills. new interests. It helps me as a designer never settle and keep moving forward.

I don't push things on people often, but I am a big advocate for 'BIC 4-Color Ball Pen.' It has helped me minimize my pencil bag and organize my thoughts in a more sensible fashion. I wanna leave you behind with one... Unfortunately, that isn't necessarily realistic when we are meeting through a website, but you can go ahead and click on that pen and take initiative.